Mobile Panel

Our on demand mobile panel allows you to field studies quickly to get real-time insights.

Our mobile panel are available to take a one-shot survey. Get real-time data from single observations within 24 hours.
Our Longitudinal panel are available for repeated observations over a period of time. Track and get insights from data points at various time intervals. Our validated longitudinal panel have participated in multiple studies and many of the studies have been published.

Why SurveySignal Mobile Panel?

SurveySignal understands that each research study is unique. From a One-Shot survey to Longitudinal survey, SurveySignal can provide validated mobile panel with fast turn-around time.

Our mobile panel are verified to avoid fraudulent participants in a research project. Additional safeguards are inbuilt to only allow a validated panel to participant only once in a research study.
We work in an agile environment where the necessity to collect data moves at high speed. We generally can have a 24 hour turnaround time for One-Shot surveys and can setup Longitudinal studies within 24 hours.
Our validated mobile panel can be sent signals as a push to take survey/s or the mobile panel can self trigger when a certain event and/or condition is triggered.
Our validated mobile panel are accustomed to various research design. Form Experience Sampling, Ecological Momentary Assessment, Randomized Control Trials, Two-Part studies, and many other research designs our panel can provide you observational data at high response rate and quality.
We track digital behavior of our mobile panel. From the time the survey was delivered, clicked and completed, we follow the entire digital journey that gives additional insights into the data.
Our validated mobile panel has a high completion rate. 100% for a One-Shot survey and 70%-100% for Longitudinal surveys.
We can provide a vast range of sample required for your study. We can provide 25-2000 participants for a single research project. Need more than 2000+ mobile panel members, we can create a custom managed project for your research project.
Pricing is simple and affordable.